The Best Podcasts for Women, Made by Women

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13 Podcasts for Women Podcast Recommendations from Podcast Maniac Blog

Some days, there’s just no denying it: Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

It doesn’t matter how well I usually communicate with my husband, brother, or father; sometimes they just do not understand where I’m coming from.

It’s not because I’m a woman. But it is often because I see things differently (and certainly feel things differently) due to my female perspective. And hormones.

There are definitely days when I am listening to one of my favorite podcasts, and the male host says something that just doesn’t jive with me. On those days, I need a podcast for women.

Sure, there are female podcast hosts. Lots of them. But not every show hosted or co-hosted by a woman is a podcast made for women. The shows doesn’t necessarily speak to women’s issues or draw on female perspectives and sensitivities.

The podcasts I’m recommending below are meant to either educate, empower, spotlight, or simply connect with women. No matter your age, background, or interests, there’s something here for you. Enjoy!

13 of the Best Podcasts for Women

Satellite Sisters Podcast | Podcasts for Women | Podcast Maniac BlogSatellite Sisters

This podcast is hosted by five real-life sisters. They’ve been hosting a radio show-turned podcast together since 2000.

The Dolan sisters started their show because their connection as sisters – and women – is what helps them navigate life. Through good times and bad, and as they develop into different roles in life, they are there to support one another.

Satellite Sisters is like sitting down with your closest girlfriends (or your actual sisters, if you’ve got ’em). They discuss everything from current events, parenting, work/life balance, and more.

Try this episode: NFL, Billie Jean King, International News, Raccoons in Canoes

Women of the Hour Women of the Hour Podcast with Lena Dunham | Podcasts for Women | Podcast Maniac Blog

You KNOW that a podcast hosted by Lena Dunham is going to be a podcast for women. Lena is all about championing females and talking openly about struggles and successes.

Episode topics range from friendship and love, to work, emotional well-being, and body issues. The guest interviews are eye-opening, and the production quality is top-notch.

Spoiler alert: This podcast ran for two season under Lena; the last new episode was in January 2017. But there are so many great episodes to binge through, so don’t hesitate to listen.

Try this episode: Solitude, Isolation, Loneliness

Period Podcast | Best Podcasts for Women | Podcast Maniac BlogPERIOD Podcast

The podcast about periods.

Whenever I mention this podcast, people – both men and women – are like, “Are you serious?”

YES, I’m serious. There are podcasts about EVERYTHING, people! Why wouldn’t there be a podcast about the thing that every woman is forced to endure every. single. month. Sheesh.

This show is hosted by Kate Clancy, an anthropologist who studies all thing related to female biology. She knows that talking openly about periods is taboo. She also knows that’s why we should be talking about it.

The podcast covers serious science, weird animal studies, cultural differences around periods, and more – all in a lighthearted – and often funny – way.

Try this episode: Episode 11: Hormones make it rain

Words and MoneyWords and Money Podcast | Podcast for Women | Podcast Maniac Blog

Tess, the blogger behind this podcast, has created a show for women to learn about, and discuss, money and finances. Because men and women often approach finances differently.

In her words, “This isn’t your father’s money podcast.” She aims to create a comfortable environment to discuss money (because some of us are a little uncomfortable talking about it!)

Tess is certified to teach financial literacy, and she scores some great guests who are experienced in all types of money-related matters. In the episode I’m recommending below, she speaks with a woman who got herself into – and out of – $40,000 of debt, and can help you with your debt problems.

Spoiler alert: This podcast is on a hiatus (possibly permanent), but there are over 50 episodes for you to explore and listen to.

Try this episode: The Recovering Spender with Lauren Greutman

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Ladies We Need To Talk Podcast | Podcasts for Women | Podcast Maniac BlogLadies, We Need To Talk

This is another podcast that isn’t afraid to talk about topics that are usually off-limits. Host Yumi Stynes has no problem digging into the struggles that are uniquely female-facing.

From drinking (a lot of) wine and motherhood, to mental overwhelm and masturbation, this podcast is like a digital therapy session. Yumi interviews woman after woman on the episode’s topic, so you’ll realize that you are not alone.

My favorite thing about this show is how completely relatable Yumi makes it right from moment one of the show. The opening of the episode I’m recommending (below) is both hilarious and so real that many of you might think you wrote it yourself!

Try this episode: Has anyone seen my labido?

NerdetteNerdette Podcast WBEZ | Best Podcasts for Women | Podcast Maniac Blog

I do not self-identify as a nerd, but I have a lot of female friends who do. And there are a lot of nerdy podcasts out there – hosted by guys. This is why WBEZ’s Nerdette podcast plugs a very important hole.

The show’s hosts interview authors, actors, directors, and more – some male, some female. Yup, there are guys on this podcast. But they’re interviewed from a girl nerd’s perspective, which is different from a guy nerd’s perspective.

If you like BuzzFeed’s Another Round podcast, you’ll probably like Nerdette.

Try this episode: Forget Cats: Jenny Slate Is A Plant Lady

She Podcasts | Podcasts for Women | Female Podcasters | Podcast Maniac BlogShe Podcasts & Sistah Speak

Any list of podcasts for women wouldn’t be complete without She Podcasts and Sistah Speak. Both are communities and podcast production companies for women.

She Podcasts’ vision is to “support and nurture as many female-lead podcasts as possible”. They do this through workshops, webinars, and coaching. And through their podcast, which is super interesting even if you aren’t a woman looking to start a podcast.

Try this episode of She Podcasts: Negative Reviews and Our Podcast Musical

Sistah Speak Podcast | Podcasts for Women | Female Podcasters | Podcast Maniac BlogSistah Speak has produced more than 400 podcast episodes, most of which follow popular television series like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Their goal is to “to provide diversity of thought and commentary within the podcast community”, which includes filling the gap when it comes to a Black women’s perspective in the pod-o-sphere.

I highly recommend digging into the Sistah Speak website to find the right podcast or episode for you. Or you can try this episode: Sistah Speak After Show (Married At First Sight)

Honorable Mentions

There are so many phenomenal podcasts for women; it was unbelievably difficult to choose the shows for the list above. That said, I cannot pick just one or two honorable mentions. Here are more female-hosted podcasts that focus on women to check out:

And don’t forget to check out 3 Best Advice Podcasts for Real-Life Problems

Do you have another recommendation for a great podcast for women? Leave a comment below (you can even include a link to the show!)

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  1. Hi there— nice list! Check out our new project The Dead Ladies Show Podcast! It’s based on a live stage show, like The Moth, and tells the stories of women (forgotten and infamous) who did amazing things while they were alive. Thanks!

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