Gift Ideas for Podcast Fans

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Gift Ideas for Podcast Fans Podcast Gift Idea Podcast Maniac BlogThis gift guide will help you find gifts for podcast fans, no matter what the occasion!

Finding great gifts for podcast fans is easy…if you know what you’re looking for!

If you’re not a podcast listener yourself, then it might be difficult for you to find the best gift for the podcast fan you know. Let this gift guide point you in the right direction!

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Podcast Swag

You’ve probably heard them talk about their favorite podcast. Check out Redbubble for a large selection of podcast t-shirts, podcast stickers, podcast mugs, phone cases, and more!

Here are a couple great finds from Redbubble:

S-Town Podcast T-shirt

Rest In Peace John B. S-Town T-Shirt Podcast

My Favorite Murder Pouch

My Favorite Murder Pouch _ Podcast Fan GiftHere’s another awesome podcast t-shirt from the website Human:

Sorry I Have Podcasts To Listen To T-Shirt

Headphones & Speakers

A true podcast fan needs great headphones, earbuds, or Bluetooth speakers. Here are some of my faves:

Bose headphones

My husband and I both have the Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling headphones, and we highly recommend them. They’re awesome for the gym and on planes, and the ear buds fit really snug and comfortably in our ears. They’re a little pricey, but completely worth the money.

My husband started out with the Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones, which are a little more affordable. They are amazing in terms of sound quality and holding up to being thrown around and tugged on. Just be sure to buy the version for Apple or Android, depending on the gift recipient.

Bose soundsport apple energy green gifts podcast listenersBose is the gold standard in sound quality, which comes at a price. I’ve found great sales on Bose products at

Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless Bluetooth headphones are great for listening to podcasts while doing work around the house or yard. These Sony Wireless Behind-Neck In Ear Headphones sit around your neck while you move about (I know, because I use ones just like them!)


Bluetooth Speakers

Being able to listen to podcasts wherever you roam is a major bonus for any podcast fan. This portable Bluetooth speaker is super affordable & a best-seller on Amazon! Take it camping, to the pool or beach, or use inside, too!

Portable Water Resistent Bluetooth Speaker Gift for Podcast Listener
Here’s another great, mini speaker that’s also great for hanging up in the shower! (Because shower time is wasted time if you can’t listen to a podcast!)

I’m planning to gift this put-anywhere speaker to myself (click the link to see all the suggested uses). It has over 5K reviews on Amazon and a 4.5 star rating!

On-The-Go Phone Accessories

Listening to podcasts on the go is essential for any avid podcast listener. Whether at the gym, walking the dog, or vacuuming the house, here are some accessories that make it easier to listen to podcasts.


I LOVE my FlipBelt. It’s just like the one in this picture – hot pink! I’ve used it for years.

It is super easy to slip on (just step into it, like a pair of shorts), and I can slip my phone, keys, debit card, and anything else I need while out and about. It’s also washable and super durable.

Be sure to click on the link to see all the photos of how you can wear and use the FlipBelt.

Running Buddy Pouch

This magnetic pouch is easy to put on and has a velcro closure. It’s another great accessory for hitting the sidewalk, trail, or gym. Just hit play on your favorite podcast, throw your phone into the pouch, and go (there’s a headphone port, or you can just let the podcast play out loud!)

I haven’t personally tried the Running Buddy Pouch, but it has a 4.5 stars on Amazon with almost 2k reviews!

Bluetooth Beanie Hat

This Bluetooth hat is perfect for podcast fans who live someplace with harsh winters, or who travel a lot. This is also great for any runner or jogger who hates fiddling with headphones or earbuds – just throw on the hat and go!

Tickets to a Live Podcast Event

More and more podcasts are taking their show on the road! Thrill your friend or family member with tickets to go see their favorite podcast performed live!

Score tickets to podcasts events from or What a cool gift idea!

Tickets at

Make Them a LoveBook

Podcasts are all about stories. If your podcast fan loves a good story, consider making them a LoveBook. It’s a story all about the reasons you love them, or the things you love about them, or the activities you love doing with them.

LoveBooks are completely customizable. I made my husband a LoveBook several years ago, and it is a gift that he still treasures. And it’s good for any occasion!


Audible Membership

A lot of podcast fans also love audiobooks. An Audible membership is a great gift idea that lets your gift recipient choose any audiobook they like. And members get access to Audible Channels, which includes original audio series and podcasts!

Books By Podcast Hosts

A lot of super popular podcast hosts have published books based on the well-loved content that they make their podcasts from. Here a few popular books by podcast hosts that make great gifts for podcast fans:

The World of Lore: Monstrous Creatures
This book by Lore podcast host Aaron Mahnke includes creepy-interesting true tales and beautiful illustrations.


Bored and Brilliant: How spacing out can unlock your most productive & creative self
After listening to an excerpt of this book’s first chapter, I added it to my own Christmas list (that I gave to my mom)! The book is by Manoush Zomorodi, the host of WNYC’s Note to Self podcast, and tackles the challenge of limiting smartphone use (Hellooo, podcast fans!) and why it might make us better people for it!


Malcolm Gladwell: Collected (hardcover book collection)
Genius author Malcolm Gladwell reached a whole new audience with his Revisionist History podcast. The unique take on historical events quickly made this a top-rated podcast. This collection of his three best-selling books makes a great gift idea!

Welcome to Night Vale: A Novel
This fictional mystery is based on one of the most popular audio drama podcasts out there. This is just one of the Night Vale books – get them all and make one podcast fan really happy!

The Mental Floss History of the World Book
History podcasts are some of the most popular podcasts there are. This funny history book by the Mental Floss team is one of my faves, and would make a great gift for a podcast fan.

Meal Kit Service

As an avid podcast listener, I hear a lot of ads for meal kit delivery services. I haven’t tried one yet, but I’ve always wanted to! Maybe the podcast fan in your life would appreciate a gift subscription to one of these services!

I hope this gift guide will help you find a gift that your favorite podcast fan will love! Don’t forget to check back for updates whenever you need a new gift for a podcast listener!