The 5 True Crime Podcasts I Subscribe To (Does Your Fave Make the Cut?)

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I’ve been wanting to write a post about true crime podcasts for a while. I kept shying away from it because I couldn’t find the right angle. And because I was afraid.

Yes, afraid. Why? Let me count the ways:

  1. The true crime genre (also known as TC) is ENORMOUS. There are so many true crime podcasts out there that they have an annual conference JUST for TC podcasters! How would I tackle this and provide great podcast recommendations?
  2. TC podcast fans are ravenous! They gobble the shows up and move onto another. I’ve been afraid that my post would be “old news” to the die-hards.
  3. I didn’t want those die-hard fans to find my take on good TC to be too “soft”.

The truth is: I only listen to a handful of true crime podcasts. I like true crime just fine; I don’t have any trouble listening to the horrifying or gruesome details of the cases that are covered. I just have other podcast interests, so I only listen to a select handful of crime shows on a regular basis.

I also have a specific preference. I like true crime podcasts that have one host who tells a story. I’m a big fan of Criminal and both seasons of Serial. (I like multi-host “chatty” podcasts in other genres, just not in TC.)

So, I finally gave myself permission NOT to apologize for my personal podcast tastes. They are what they are. And for readers who are newbies to the TC genre, these podcast recommendations should be a good start for you.

For you TC die-hards out there, I invite you to comment on this post with your recommendations, even if they don’t mesh with my personal preferences.

My Top 5 True Crime Podcast Recommendations

Trace Evidence PodcastTrace Evidence

The cases covered in this podcast (a mix of unsolved murders and disappearances) are totally new to me. I love the background music as the host builds suspense and examines the evidence and theories behind the cases.

Episode to Try: 008: The Bible John Murders

Suspect ConvictionsSuspect Convictions Podcast

If you like Serial and Netflix’s Making a Murder, this podcast is for you. It tells the story of the 1990 killing of a 9-year-old girl, and the suspect who says he didn’t do it. Both the host and audio mixing are fantastic.

Episode to Try: Episode 1: Evil In the School Yard

My Aryan Princess PodcastMy Aryan Princess

The seven-episode drama podcast tells the true story of drug trafficking, white supremacy, undercover informants, and more. You feel like someone is reading from a crime novel. The episodes are short; I was always left wanting more.

Episode to Try: Chapter 1: Fateful introductions

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The Conspirators PodcastThe Conspirators Podcast

I was originally drawn to this one because of the title. I’ve always been fascinated by how two, three, or more people all come to agree to do a horrible thing. That’s not exactly what this podcast is about, but it does cover some great lesser-known cases. And I love the host’s voice and pacing.

Episode to Try: Ep. 50 – The Annihilator

Beyond The Blood PodcastBeyond The Blood

When I first discovered this podcast, I liked the concept: an active law enforcement officer recounting the details of crimes that made the news headlines. The problem: the host spoke waaaay too quickly for me to follow. He’s been working on this though, and the latest episodes of this podcast are great. The intro audio is awesome, too.

Episode to Try: Episode 11: Murder in the Court (Part One)

Bonus Recommendations

I’m kind of addicted to stories of false arrests and convictions, which is how I found the Wrongful Conviction podcast. The host interviews the actual individuals who have fallen victim to the US’s flawed justice system.

Along those same lines, try these two episodes of the Strangers podcast, which will leave you both frustrated and uplifted: Franky Carrillo: Life and Franky Carrillo: Life Now

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What do you think of these recommendations? What other TC podcasts would you recommend? Leave a comment below to share with other readers.

11 thoughts on “The 5 True Crime Podcasts I Subscribe To (Does Your Fave Make the Cut?)

  1. oooh I haven’t listened to any of these! I love My Favourite Murder, I’m currently powering through Up and Vanished :O it’s amazing. The one before that was ‘Someone knows something’ and next one on the list is ‘Crime Town’ by the guys who created the Jinx. I’m going to add these to my podcast list now!

    • Hey Claire! I do enjoy the “meat” of My Favorite Murder – when they actually get into reading and discussing the letters. The episodes are just so long! I usually have to skip the first 20 minutes. I’m from New England, so I thought I’d love Crime Town, but I really didn’t. I found myself tuning out in the middle of the episodes. I hope you don’t experience the same thing! And I’ve only ever heard good things about Someone Knows Something – I will have to give it a try!

  2. Ah, is list is so great! I’m so bad about only listening to business podcasts, and have been looking for some variety! Thank you so much!!

    • So glad you think so, Brianna! Sometimes you just need personal recommendations! Podcast charts don’t tell you what a podcast is about or why it’s good!

  3. I watch old True Crime episodes on YouTube so this is right up my alley. I don’t want to sound morbid but it’s interesting to look into the minds of people who commit heinous crimes. Nice to know I’m not alone!

    • I completely agree with you! I don’t think the crimes themselves are interesting (some TC fans do); I find the psychological aspect fascinating. And also, the details of the justice and prison systems. So much insight in true crime!

  4. I’ve been dying to get into true crime podcasts and documentaries but always psych myself out! I love crime novels, I think it’s the idea of it actually being real that gets to me. If you had to choose one show for a newbie like me to start with, which one would it be?

    • Hi Cassandra. I hear you – there are plenty of people who can’t get through true crime podcasts because they’re graphic and about real people. I think Trace Evidence is a pretty good one to get started. Not nearly as graphic as some others. I really love Suspect Convictions, but it might be too graphic for you to start with!

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