3 Best Podcasts for Book Lovers

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It might not surprise you to hear that many avid podcast listeners are also avid readers (or at least lovers of books and stories, even if they can’t find time to read.) I developed a love for reading when I was a little girl, my nose in a book in the backseat on road trips, and even reading while hanging upside down from the monkey bars on my swing set!

I still have a love of books and stories, which is why I love the website Book Riot. To be honest, Book Riot was a big inspiration for the Podcast Maniac blog. I love their articles, book recommendations, and yes, their podcasts.

It’s not every day that you come across a single blog, website, or company (not including podcast production companies) that has multiple podcasts of their own. Book Riot is the exception, with three different podcasts currently in production*. And I think that they’re so good, that I’m listing all three here.

3 Podcasts Every Book Lover Should Hear:

1. The Podcast (as in, Book Riot: The Podcast)

The Podcast covers a range of bookish topics, including reading habits, events in the book world, book adaptations for TV and movies, audiobooks, cool libraries to visit, and more. Hosts Jeff and Rebecca do a great job of mixing it up in every episode and making book news relevant to current events.

Episodes of The Podcast are pretty loosely structured, with Jeff and Rebecca discussing a random list of topics, but their conversation is easy to listen to, which makes it fun. New episodes of The Podcast come out weekly.

This podcast is suitable for teens and adults; it’s usually kid-friendly, but kids aren’t really the target audience so they wouldn’t enjoy it much.

2. All The Books

I think of the All The Books podcast as the 20 minutes of trailers that you can’t miss when you go to the movies. In each episode, hosts Liberty (a fellow Mainer!) and Rebecca (also co-host of The Podcast) take you through a list of just- and soon-to-be-released titles.

I wasn’t sure that I’d love listening to a podcast about a list of books, but both hosts do a great job of providing plot summaries and reactions (each has read a pre-release of the book they are describing.) It’s fun to hear them react to new releases from authors they love, as well as discuss debut works by up-and-coming writers.

If you hold yourself to a monthly book budget, All The Books could be your helpful budget planning guide.

The All The Books podcast is suitable for teen and adult listeners.

Get Booked Podcast3. Get Booked

While The Podcast and All The Books give book recommendations by default, the Get Booked podcast by Book Riot provides specific book recommendations in response to listener requests. In each episode, hosts Jenn and Amanda read emails from listeners who have certain preferences or parameters and need book advice.

Every episode provides interesting insight into what average people consider when they’re picking their next book to read. It’s like getting a glimpse into the mind of the person standing next to you in the aisle at a bookstore. Sometimes the listener emails aren’t in-line with my own preferences, but I still like to listen, just like I enjoy listening to the letters people write to typical advice podcasts.

The Get Booked podcast is suitable for teen and adult listeners.

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Bonus Podcast Recommendation

A post for book lovers wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the MuggleCast podcast, the long-running podcast dedicated to all things Harry Potter. The hosts of the podcast are really entertaining and they always find something new going on in the world of Potter. The podcast is best-suited to teen and adult Potter fans.

* Book Riot’s fourth podcast, Dear Book Nerd, is no longer in production and I’ve been unable to find any way to play the archived episodes.

Update 7/24/17: Since I wrote about the podcasts I below, Book Riot has added 3 new ah-ma-zing podcasts! Check out the new shows here.

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Do you have a favorite podcast about books? Share it in a comment below so I can go listen!

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