The Best Business Podcasts You Haven’t Heard Of

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The Best Business Podcasts You've Never Heard OfI recently asked podcast listeners on Facebook and via my email newsletter (be sure to sign up at the bottom of this post, if you haven’t already) to complete an online survey.

The results told me that more than half of listeners like business podcasts that provide professional tips and tricks.

This was great feedback, but it presented me with a dilemma:

Do I write several posts geared towards different types of businesses and careers (like, “podcasts for entrepreneurs” and “podcasts for managers”), or one catch-all post about the most popular business podcasts?

I mean, finding the best business podcasts is easy: Open your podcast player, find the Business section, and the top-rated podcasts will include Entrepreneur On Fire or The Tim Ferris Show. Those are great podcasts, and there are articles all over the web that will recommend them.

So, I decided on a third option: to recommend the business podcasts that I actually subscribe to, and listen to, on a regular basis.

Some are old, some are new. The shows are geared to a range of people, careers, and industries. They all include great anecdotes, tips, and tricks.

My tip for you: Consider listening to a podcast that doesn’t seem relevant to you. Something completely opposite from your current career or position. You can learn a lot from taking a glimpse into a world that’s different from your own. For me, that’s the best part of podcasts!

7 Fantastic Business Podcasts To Try

Open for Business PodcastOpen for Business

The Concept:
 This podcast is created by Gimlet Creative in partnership with eBay. Don’t worry: it’s not all about selling second-hand stuff online, and they don’t promo eBay much.

The show describes itself as a podcast about “building a business from the ground up”, but I feel like it’s so much more than that.

It’s distinctively different from Gimlet’s flagship podcast Startup. It tells relatable stories of business owners, and provides tips and tricks you can apply in real life.

Try This Episode: #2 How to Hire
I have interviewed and hired many people in my life, but this episode made me rethink everything I’ve ever done, and will definitely change what I do in the future!


Rework Podcast

The Concept: In stark contrast to conventional wisdom, Rework is about growing your business slowly. It embraces the idea that you don’t have to be the best or most profitable right out of the gate.

This is a new show, but I enjoyed the first two episodes, and I think it has great potential.

Try This Episode: 01 – Sell Your By-products

The Blog Millionaire PodcastThe Blog Millionaire

(Heads up: This podcast is NOT just for bloggers! If you have a website for your business, you should listen to this show!)

The Concept: Successful entrepreneur and blogger Brandon Gaille creates short episodes that are hyper-focused on the best tips for blogging and writing for the web. Every episode of this podcast provides at least 5 things you can apply TODAY.

If you’re a blogger, or run any type of website, and you haven’t listened to The Blog Millionaire, you’re missing out on an amazing free resource. Gaile does the research for you so you can quickly execute effective tactics to grow your website.

Try This Episode: 47: A Simple Way to Improve Google Rankings

Happier In Hollywood
Happier In Hollywood Podcast

The Concept:
 Two long-time friends and Hollywood writers talk about how to balance work and life – and get ahead – in a hectic and demanding world. It might not seem super “businessy”, but I’m often impressed by the tips and info that the hosts and their guests give.

This podcast is pretty heavy on female perspectives. Men: before you dismiss this show, remember my tip from above – you could learn something new by listening to this show!

Try This Episode: Ep. 12: It’s Good to Be Self-Critical! (Unless It’s Not.)

Simple Pin PodcastSimple Pin Podcast

The Concept: This is a podcast all about Pinterest. Because Pinterest is SO much more than just a place to find a recipe. It’s actually one of the best websites to use to grow your business.

The Simple Pin Podcast is chock full of easy-to-apply tips and tricks for using Pinterest for business. If you blog, run an online business, or sell products of any kind, put this podcast on your list.

Episode to Try: Common Pinterest Marketing Questions (from June 20, 2017)

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I Hate My Boss
I Hate My Boss Podcast

(I know I keep recommending this show on social media and in other blog posts, but I really think this podcast is a must-listen for people in all industries and career levels.)

The Concept: An advice show about pretty much any problem you can and will encounter on the job. From working in a big corporation to a small family business, the (super knowledgeable and experienced) hosts help you navigate the workplace, and laugh about it in the process.

I have worked in all kinds of workplaces and had many different positions. I constantly find myself relating to the topics covered in this podcast, and I think the advice is spot-on.

Try This Episode: Any of them. Season 1 has over 20 full-length episodes, and a bunch of mini-episodes (called “After Hours”). Most episodes don’t require any background info, so you can start with the most recent one.

Side Hustle Show PodcstSide Hustle Show

The Concept:
 Host Nick Loper, who has succeeded and failed at many a side hustle, interviews hustlers with the best tips and tricks for making extra money.

From selling on eBay and Amazon, to investing in real estate, to finding better ways to gamble – this podcast is entertaining and provides actionable ideas for just about anybody.

Try This Episode: 137: Free Press Exposure: Your Fast-Track to Customers and Credibility

Honorable Mention

If you like ABC’s Shark Tank, check out The Pitch. You’ll hear inventors and business owners pitching their ideas to investors, and learning about their mistakes along the way.

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Did your favorite business podcast make the list? Is there another show that you think everyone else should be listening to? Leave a comment below to recommend it!

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