Let’s Collaborate

Podcast Maniac is open to collaborating with bloggers, podcasters, and advertisers to promote new info and products for podcast fans. Please submit the contact form below to discuss with me any of the following opportunities:

  • Podcast Reviews – I love nothing more than checking out a new podcast.
  • Ad Placement – Space is available in several locations on the blog for ad placement.
  • Guest Posts/Sponsored Guest Posts – Guest posts are open to bloggers or companies who can share content that is relevant to the themes on PodcastManiac.com.
  • Giveaways — Podcast lovers come in all shapes and sizes, and they like free stuff as much as the next person.
  • Pitch An Idea – If you have a new projects or idea that falls in line with the themes on this site, I’m open!
  • Social Media Mentions – Sharing is caring. Let’s talk.

Hire Me for Freelancing or Email Marketing

I started writing blog posts as a ghostwriter long before Podcast Maniac. I’m also experienced in email marketing and sales copy. If you’re looking to add content to your website or need help reaching your email subscribers, just fill out the form below and let me know!