3 Helpful Travel Podcasts for Your Next Vacation

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My husband and I are currently enjoying the last few days of vacation in Madrid, Spain. In an effort to stay in “vacation mode” (as opposed to “work mode”), I’ve been listening to travel podcasts all week.

Podcast Maniac In Madrid, Spain | Travel Podcast Recommendations
Me, earbuds in, celebrating International Podcast Day in Madrid, Spain

I’ve listened to a lot of travel podcasts over the years (I wrote about my favorites in this post). At some point though, a lot of the shows start to morph into one large “digital nomad” style podcast, which can get boring.

My husband and I aren’t digital nomads (yet), but we do enjoy different types of travel and vacationing. For example:

When we’re in Madrid, we rent an apartment in the city so that we can interact with Spaniards and practice our Spanish language skills.

But we also enjoy a really comfy hotel with an awesome view (like this one in Mallorca, where we spent 48 blissful hours recently).

Mallorca, Spain Podcast Maniac Travel Podcast Recommendations
The gorgeous view from our hotel balcony in Mallorca, Spain

On the flip side, we spend a week every year camping with my family in Maine, and other times we hop in the car for a road trip (and listen to podcasts, like the ones I recommended in this post.).

Since just about everyone has a different idea of vacation and travel, I made it my goal this week to feature a variety of helpful travel podcasts. Whether you’re looking for travel inspiration or definitive recommendations, these shows have you covered.

Travel Podcasts To Inspire Your Next Trip

Air2Share PodcastAir2Share Podcast

I was pumped when I found this travel podcast that was started all because the couple who hosts it loves the experience of staying in an Airbnb. I’ve had similar experiences, so I can relate – but this podcast is about more than just what it’s like to stay in an apartment instead of a hotel.

The thing I really enjoy about this show is how the hosts (a husband and wife team with backgrounds in radio) describe their experiences. It’s like catching up with friends who just came back from vacation. (Wanna see their photos? There are beautiful ones on their website).

Besides painting a mental picture of their experiences, they talk about how they pick their Airbnb accommodations, what it’s like communicating with the Airbnb hosts, and the benefits and challenges of staying in an apartment while on vacation.

Listen: Air2Share Podcast

Air2Share was also mentioned in my Best Podcasts of 2017 post

Planit Travel Podcast
PlanIt Travel Podcast

That’s not a typo in the title. This podcast is called Planit, as in, “Plan It” (your trip).

The aim of this podcast is to provide inside tips, practical advice, and money-saving ideas from experts and locals. Basically, everything you need when you’re planning an itinerary (or even when you have yet to decide on a destination)!

This show launched only recently, but I already like what I’ve heard in the first three episodes. Each episode focuses on one city and the travel highlights of that city.

There’s a segment called “Grade It”, in which a guest (who is from or lives in the episode’s featured city) gives letter grades to the major sites and landmarks in that city. Think of it as getting recommendations from a local, which is better than the standard TripAdvisor rating and reviews.

The blog on the PlanIt website has some interesting and helpful articles, too.

Listen: PlanIt Podcast

The RV Podcast The RV Podcast

This is a really well-produced podcast from the couple who write the Roadtreking blog. Both the podcast and blog are about living the recreational vehicle (RV) lifestyle.

Whether you’re a seasoned RVer or an occasional camper, this podcast is full of tips and info that are both fun and useful.

The husband and wife who host this show are seasoned RV travelers (naturally). In addition to their stories from the road, they interview industry experts and other travelers, as well as answer listener questions. They also have a dog, so they have a lot of tips for people who want to travel with a pet.

I really enjoy this podcast, even though I only camp for one week each summer (and that consists of showing up at a camper that’s already set up and has air conditioning – thanks Mom and Dad!)

Listen: The RV Podcast

Bonus Info

Something I love about all of these podcasts is that they have detailed show notes both in my podcast player and on their websites. I LOVE good show notes. They make it so much easier for me to know if I’m going to be interested in an episode, and also to find all the great websites and products that are mentioned.

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Honorable MentionBuddha And The Slut Podcast

Buddha and the Slut is a new-ish podcast hosted by award-winning writer and all-around creative guy Brooke Burgess. I didn’t know much about Brooke before listening to Buddha, but he took care of this problem with Episode 1.

This is technically a travel podcast, but it’s really so much more. Burgess tells stories about his travel experiences, which are not all that traditional. And he doesn’t spare any details, no matter how raw or personal they may be (and by raw, I mean, explicit – this is not a podcast for children or young teens).

Burgess is an amazing storyteller. There are a ton of nostalgic mentions about the 70s and 80s, which I love. His choice of words, tone of voice, and pacing are all distinctly different from what you’ll hear in most podcasts (in the travel niche, or any other). Buckle your seat belt the first time you listen!

Listen: Buddha and the Slut

I’m looking for MORE travel podcast recommendations! Please share the ones you love in a comment below.

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  1. I’m always listening to business-building/entrepreneurial podcasts, but honestly never thought about travel podcasts! I’ll check those out!

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