New: Twin Peaks Podcast

Twin Peaks PodcastIf you (somehow) missed it, Showtime launched its revival of the Twin Peaks TV series this past Sunday. The new show picks up 25 years after the hit original series ended, and the web has been seriously abuzz about it for the past few weeks.

I’m currently working on a post about podcasts that follow TV shows, but I didn’t want to waste this opportunity to let everyone know NOW that there is indeed a podcast about the new Twin Peaks. The name of it is…wait for it…Twin Peaks: A Podcast About Twin Peaks.

If you’re not familiar with the original 1990s TV show and don’t have time to watch it, the Twin Peaks podcast will catch you up in the first few episodes. You’ll get an intro to the plot and characters in the TV show, and how the series ended in 1991.

I wasn’t allowed to watch Twin Peaks when it originally aired (I was 10). I’m hoping that my hubby will be interested in watching the two original seasons, and then this new one. It’s kind of like watching a new Star Wars movie (but better, I’m hoping). I’ve listened to bits and pieces of the Twin Peaks Podcast and I think the hosts are really fun and funny, so I’ll definitely be coming back to it once I’ve watched the shows.

Are you watching Showtime’s new Twin Peaks? Have you listened to the Twin Peaks Podcast? Leave a comment and let me know!


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