BREAKING: Homecoming is Coming Back July 19

Homecoming podcast cover image[UPDATE as of June 29] Homecoming just tweeted that Season 2 will debut on July 19!

(Original post from March 25, 2017)

Exciting news for fans of Gimlet’s Homecoming podcast, which stars Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac, and David Schwimmer: the podcast is coming back for Season 2!

A few days ago, Homecoming co-creator Eli Horowitz released a short audio teaser in which he says that new episodes of the podcast will be released sometime in the summer (probably July). He also included a recording of his phone call with actress and Homecoming lead Catherine Keener, who plays the role of Heidi.

Keener says that she’s excited to be coming back for Season 2. “I’m excited to get back to (playing the role of) Heidi, because I wanna know what the hell happens with her. It was a cliffhanger.”

A cliffhanger indeed! I was a big fan of Homecoming Season 1, which was released late last fall. The fictional story podcast has been described as a psychological thriller, and I completely agree. I liked that the plot unraveled quickly enough to determine the basics, and then took listeners on some great twists and turns.

For me, the star of the podcast is David Schwimmer, who plays Colin. His character in Homecoming is a hilarious mix of two of his best-known television roles: Ross from Friends and Captain Sobel from Band of Brothers. Schwimmer’s portrayal of Colin is definitely what got me hooked on the first two episodes of the podcast.

I’m excited for Homecoming to come home (heh) and will definitely be sharing my thoughts here on the blog when new episodes are released in a few months!

Did you listen to Season 1 of Homecoming? Are you excited for Season 2? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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