Top 5 Podcasts To Help You Save Money

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Podcasts to Help You Save Money

Everyone loves to save money. Whether you’re living paycheck to paycheck or can afford to buy luxuries and travel the world, you probably still like to save a buck or ask for a discount whenever possible. Just last night I used a coupon for a free entree at a pretty nice restaurant (I saved $20!)

My mother taught me to be frugal from a young age. She clipped coupons and shopped sales, and sometimes chose not to buy something she wanted because she knew the money was better spent elsewhere. My mom could have created a money saving podcast before podcasts were a thing!

I’m often finding new ways to save money via podcasts. Not just through the great deals that you get from podcast sponsors, but from the actual podcast content and guest interviews. Podcast people are just like the rest of us: they like to save money and share the savings with others!

I regularly listen to these five podcasts to help save money. I’m certain that there are tips, tricks, and information that can help you save money, too. Plus, all of these podcasts are suitable for teen listeners, too (it’s never too early to start teaching them about money!)

5 Money-Saving Podcasts

Money Girl Podcast1. Money Girl

I’m a fan of this podcast for so many reasons, but mostly because the whole premise of the show is to help you manage your money so you can live rich. “Living rich” is different for everyone; to me it means simply not being broke or having financial stress!

Each episode of the Money Girl podcast is about 20 minutes and focuses on one specific topic or theme, like:

  • How to set up an IRA (and save money on the fees and taxes associated with these accounts)
  • How to boost your credit score (which can get you lower interest rates, which saves you money)
  • How to save for a down payment on a house (by learning to cut back or save on other expenses)
  • Which credit card balance to pay off first (so you pay less in interest in the long run)

“Money Girl”, aka Laura Adams, speaks clearly and breaks down complicated financial terms and concepts so that anyone can understand them. What I love most about this podcast is that Adams speaks to people from all walks of life. You can learn from – and save money with – this podcast whether you are rich or poor, highly educated or not, experienced in investing or have no clue.

I can personally say that I’ve used information and strategies from the Money Girl podcast and have more money in my pocket because of it!

Dave Ramsey Show Podcast2. The Dave Ramsey Show

Author and straight-forward financial mentor Dave Ramsey brings his popular radio call-in show to podcast format so that you can listen on-demand and fix your finances. The Dave Ramsey Show podcast breaks out the 3-hour radio show into 1-hour episodes that have descriptive titles so you can listen to topics and advice that you can relate to.

One of the great things about this podcast is that people just like you and me call in with their money-related problems (like on the Suze Ormon TV show), so it’s likely that they’ll ask a question you’ve been wondering about, too. And Dave includes stories about people who have had success crawling out of debt, to show you that there is light at the end of the tunnel (if you follow his advice).

I love that Dave gets to the real issues or problems that are causing the caller’s financial troubles. He teaches them about prioritizing their life and money. He tells them when they are ignoring the bigger issue (a spouse who isn’t pulling their own weight, a bad decision that they keep making, etc.) He’s basically like having a dad who listens and gives great financial advice (which some people didn’t get growing up!).

You Need a Budget Podcast3. You Need a Budget

I like to think of this podcast as a “kick in the butt” for saving money. The average You Need a Budget (YNAB) episode is 3 minutes long. It’s meant to be a quick reminder to you about all the little and big things in life that can break your budget, so you can avoid doing exactly that.

Host Jesse Mecham is a well-known budgeting guru. I should point out that not every episode has a solid tip or trick for saving money. Some are strictly meant to reiterate ideas that you already know to be true but might be ignoring because…well, it’s easier to ignore them! For most people, budgeting is either scary or annoying, so Mecham’s reassurances are totally necessary.

If you’ve been thinking about saving more money, or acknowledging that you need to cut back on spending, subscribe to the You Need a Budget podcast. Episodes come out every couple of weeks and will help you stay on track!

The Budget Minded Traveler Podcast4. The Budget Minded Traveler

I wrote about this show in a previous post about my favorite travel podcasts. As the title of the show states, this is a podcast about saving money while traveling. The host, Jackie Nourse, talks about international travel a lot, but many of her tips and tricks for finding low priced airfare and accommodations can be used for domestic travel as well.

Before Jackie, I didn’t realize just what a good tool Google Flights is for comparing flight options and prices. And that’s saying something, since my husband and I fly practically every other month and are always searching for good deals on plane tickets. So, thanks, Jackie!

Although Jackie does 99% of her own travel solo, she often interviews couples and families who share their tips and tricks for saving money while traveling. Episode 77 features a family of six who had been traveling in South America for six month, and you can learn a lot from their experience prepping for their trip and booking their flights.

If you like to travel, or have a dream of traveling, and you struggle with how to afford it, take a listen to this podcast.

The His & Her Money Show5. The His & Her Money Show: Managing Money, Marriage, and Everything In Between

The title of this podcast pretty much says it all, but that’s exactly the reason that I had to listen to it and that I recommend it. Because saving money when you have a partner and/or kids is a whole different story than saving money as a single person.

While the other podcasts in this list may cover topics related to saving money as a couple or family, the hosts of this podcast, Talaat and Tai McNeely, have based the entire show around their personal experiences with money, debt, saving, and budgeting – all within the context of being a couple.

I like listening to these two open up and be honest (listen to the episode about financial infidelity for some serious bean-spilling!) If you and your partner argue about money and your money woes are straining your relationship, this podcast is a must-listen.

Wrap Up

Saving money and having financial freedom has different meaning for everyone. I think these five podcasts on how to save money provide the perfect variety of stories, tips, and tricks to start filling your piggy bank!

What podcasts do you listen to for money-saving advice? Leave a comment below with the podcast name so that the rest of us can listen, too!

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