Paying for College: 7 Podcast Episodes for Parents & Students

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Paying For College Advice Podcasts
Get ready: it’s Back-To-School time. Kids might have another 4-6 weeks of vacation left, but soon your TV and internet ads will be full of backpacks and denim.

September is also the start of the fall semester, the traditional start of the college/university year. Lots of parents and kids – and non-traditional students – are gearing up for another year of hitting the books so they can earn a degree.

Since listening to the recent podcast episodes about student debt, I’ve been poking around the pod-world for episodes that would help college students and their families with their fears about paying for college.

I’ve gathered these 6 podcasts (and 7 specific episodes) which I think are helpful for:

  • Parents of traditional college-age students (high-schoolers)
  • Teens/20-somethings entering or attending college
  • Non-traditional college students (everyone else trying to earn a degree)

P.S. If you’re already post-college and have student loan debt that you’re trying to pay off, most of these podcasts have episodes for you, too!

7 Podcast Episodes About Paying for College

Taming The High Cost of College PodcastTaming The High Cost of College

This podcast is geared to parents who are planning to, or are paying for, traditional students —  but non-traditional students (some of you might be parents yourselves!) should listen, too.

Listen to: Episode 116: Making College Finance Decisions
This episode features an interview with Debbi King, author of “ABC’s of Personal Finance”. She gives her best advice for making important financial decisions around college, and how to speak to your child/teen about money and college.

USACollegeChatUSACollegeChat Podcast

Parents and high school students: this podcast is for you! Once someone in your household hits Grade 10, you should start binge-listening. This podcast goes beyond financial aid & loans; it’s everything you need for your college search and career.

Listen to: Episode 73: The Best College Savings Plan You Aren’t Using
You’ll get a detailed explanation of 529 savings plans, which can help you save for your child’s educational future (tax-free). 529 plans differ from state to state, which is why you need to listen to this episode.

Getting In PodcastGetting In

I fell in love with this podcast when it came out a couple of years ago, and I’m not even a college student or parent! It’s all about the increasingly stressful admissions process that teens and their parents are navigating. There are interviews with real students, parents, and college admissions reps.

Listen to: Episode 4D: The First Steps To Financial Aid
The admissions process doesn’t stand alone; it goes hand-in-hand with the financial aid process. And the language is confusing! This episode starts addressing financial aid confusion around the 11:30 mark.

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Listen, Money MattersListen Money Matters Podcast

This popular podcast describes itself as “an uncensored personal finance podcast” and “not your father’s boring money show”. So true. The male hosts can be a little rough for ladies (especially moms) to listen to, but they cover important stuff, so it’s worth it.

Listen to: 2 episodes:

Debt Free College Grad with Shanice Miller
Full of tips for applying for and securing scholarships and grants for college so you don’t have to take out loans.

Paying For College While Attending
This episode is about choosing a college or university that is affordable (but might not be your first choice). It also covers making money while you’re attending college (including info about work study programs and qualifying for work study).

Student Loan Show PodcastStudent Loan Show

This podcast is produced by a student loan lawyer! Who knew that there was such a job?! As you can imagine, the show is full of information and tips to help you understand student loans, and of course, how to pay them off.

Listen to: Episode 37: The Pros and Cons of Helping Your Children Pay for College
The title of this episode pretty much says it all. You’ll get advice on whether or not to help pay for your child’s education, and pros and cons about the common ways parents get the money to do so.

The College ChecklistThe College Checklist Podcast

This podcast usually focuses on the college admissions process and placement tests, but there are great episodes about paying for college sprinkled in.

Listen to: Great Money Tips for College-Bound Teens
Money advice from Dave Ramsey’s daughter? Yes, please! In this episode, Rachel Cruze is interviewed about her own experiences with money and college. She provides great tips and common-sense advice.

I hope that these podcast episodes will help some of you – or someone you know – to deal with the rising cost of college tuition or paying off student loans. If you’re looking for more podcasts about money and managing finances, check out my post about 5 podcasts that can help you save money.

Is college tuition a part of your life? Whether you’re a parent or student, leave me a comment and share how paying for college affects your life.

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