Increase Your Productivity with These 3 Podcasts

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Productivity. It’s a big buzzword these days. We all want to be more productive, and everyone else expects us to be, too. Often, by trying to be more productive, we add things to our to-do list, thus making it harder to complete any of it!

A while back I was on a productivity podcast tear. I listened to multiple episodes of a few different shows every day. The hosts of these shows would break down the ways in which they had achieved, or even surpassed, their goals, all with time to spare every day.

It wasn’t until I stopped listening to these shows on a regular basis that I realized how much I had learned and incorporated into my own life, thereby increasing my daily and weekly productivity.

The productivity podcasts listed below are great for people who:

  • Have a job or don’t have a job
  • Work from home or work in an office setting
  • Have kids or don’t have kids
  • Love technology or love pen & paper

You get the point? While the hosts of some of these shows sound like they’re focused on productivity for business, rest assured that their tips, tricks, and recommendations apply to your personal and family life. I often download an app that was recommended on one of these shows, and later realize that I can use it for both personal and professional productivity (Trello is one of these; I use religiously, every day, for practically everything).

3 Podcasts That Help You Increase Productivity

Beyond The To-Do List Podcast
1. Beyond The To-Do List

This podcast is about productivity, from A-Z. Every week, the host, Erik Fisher, invites on a guest who speaks the language of productivity. There’s a lot of talk about inbox zero, distractions (avoiding them and overcoming them), the best websites and apps to use to keep you organized and on-task, and more.

Erik and his guests recommend a LOT of apps, some of which are sponsors of the podcast, but many that aren’t. They also speak of systems (techie and non-techie) that they use to stay on task, and sometimes explain what their old system was and how that failed.

If you’ve never used some of these apps or systems, some of the guest interviews or panel discussions can be confusing. Do what I did: pause the show, write down the info, and search online later. I’ve learned so much from this podcast and really appreciate that Erik pumps out a new episode every week! general banner

The Productivityist Podcast
2. The Productivityist Podcast

As I write this, I’m listening to the most recent episode of The Productivityist, which is about “analog planning”, also known as using pen and paper. To some people, pen and paper is an old-school system, but planners and bullet journals have never been more popular.

The host of the podcast, Mike Vardy, and his guests, discuss time management, workflows, goals, habits, and “focusing your efforts on getting the right things done.” This is one of those shows that leads to a lot of “ah-ha” moments. Whenever I listen, I gain more perspective on what I should be spending my time on, and new ways in which I can do those things.

ProdPod Podcast
3. ProdPod

If you’re so busy trying to be productive that you don’t have time to listen to the podcasts listed above, this 2-minute podcast is perfect for you.

The host of the show, Ray Sidney-Smith, speaks at a rapid pace in order to squeeze in the best tips for overcoming overwhelm, indecision, and distraction, and discussing how to make your daily routines work for you. There are smart, actionable tips in every episode, and if 2 minutes isn’t enough to say it all, he’ll string it into the next episode.

ProdPod (appears to have) ended recently, but there are episodes dating all the way back to 2011. Since productivity tips don’t go old, you can download old episodes from the feed and listen on demand.

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What podcasts do you listen to to increase your productivity? Let me know so I can listen and be even more productive!

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  1. Oh thank you for sharing – I absolutely need to find my way to be more productive. It’s only 24 hours and it’s not enough. Going to listen on my way!

    • That’s great, Nicola! You can basically pick any episode whose description sounds good to you and listen – you don’t have to start with Episode 1, which I like!

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