Holiday Themed Podcast Episodes (Part 1)

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The holiday season is about to go into full swing here in the US. Here’s how I know:

  • I officially heard my first holiday song in a store yesterday
  • Egg nog is all over the dairy section at the grocery store
  • Amazon has already started its Black Friday deals

I’m one of those people who enjoys the holiday season and all its traditions, but simultaneously feel stressed when stores have Christmas trees up on November 2, and radio stations start playing holiday songs.

(Speaking of holiday songs, I’m in the “Love It” category when it comes to the song Dominick The Donkey. Here’s a short animated version of the song I found online.)

So, just in case the rest of you feel like the holidays have arrived too quickly this year, I held off on my holiday podcast post…until now!

So Many Holiday Podcasts!

I got more than I bargained for when I went in search of holiday podcast episodes – there are so many to choose from!

From episodes on the history of holiday traditions, to making new traditions, to sticking to a holiday budget – someone has covered it in a podcast.

I found holiday-themed podcast episodes that are educational, funny, emotional, and – most importantly – entertaining.

This is Part 1 of the post, which includes podcast episodes about Thanksgiving, holiday travel, and holiday shopping.

Part 2 of this post (coming next week) will include holiday podcast episodes more related to Christmas and New Year’s.

I hope you love these episodes as much as I love Dominick. Leave a comment below with your reactions, or better yet, your own holiday podcast recommendations!

7 Holiday Podcast Episodes for the Season

Americas Test Kitchen Radio Podcast Thanksgiving Butterball Hotline EpisodeAmerica’s Test Kitchen Radio

Episode: 333: Thanksgiving Special – True Stories from the Butterball Turkey Hotline

The America’s Test Kitchen podcast is on hiatus right now, but this Thanksgiving episode from a previous year can help you with everything from gravy and cranberry sauce, to pie crusts, and more.

If you’re in charge of any dish – or just anywhere near the kitchen – on Thanksgiving Day, you’ll want to check this episode out. Plus, you’ll get an inside-peek at what the folks at the Butterball Turkey Hotline have to deal with every Turkey Day.

Love Life with Matt Hussey
Love Life with Matt Hussey Holiday Episode

Episode: My Holiday Travel Rant

You do not need to be traveling this holiday season to appreciate this 4-minute podcast episode. As a frequent traveler, I could not help but laugh out loud and nod my head.

Matt Hussey is a best-selling author who doles out dating and relationship advice for women. My favorite part about this episode is that while it is technically a rant, there’s a hidden moral at the end. Think of it as a holiday gift!

Hallmarkies Podcast Hallmark Channel Holiday EpisodeHallmarkies Podcast

Episode: Christmas Week 1 Movie Reviews

I think I finally found the show that could get my mother into podcasts!

Okay, maybe not. She’s too busy watching Hallmark movies to listen to a podcast about them!

Seriously, though: even if you don’t watch the Hallmark Channel during the rest of the year, it’s hard to ignore it right about now. It’s The Countdown to Christmas, people!

The podcast episode I’m recommending is from just a couple of weeks ago. The hosts discuss the new Hallmark holiday movies for 2017. Find out what these Hallmark experts think!

The Retroist PodcastThe Retroist Podcast Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade Episode

Episode: The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

There are several podcasts with episodes that cover the history of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, but I’m partial to this 2009 episode from The Retroist podcast.

If you grew up watching this famous parade on television (or in person, if you were lucky) on Thanksgiving morning, you’ll appreciate this nostalgic and historical episode. It’s full of interesting facts and tidbits that I had never heard!

Stuff You Should Know Podcast How Black Friday WorksStuff You Should Know Podcast

Episode: How Black Friday Works

Black Friday is like an unofficial holiday. And it just seems to get bigger every year.

Even if you’ve camped out in front of a Best Buy on Thanksgiving night (is that still a thing?) you might not know much about how Black Friday started, and when it really picked up steam. This podcast will leave you well-informed.

Although the stats in this episode are a little outdated (it was recorded in 2013), there’s some cool info about when Black Friday became “a thing”.

Stuff Gadget PodcastStuff TV Gadget Podcast Holiday Black Friday

Episode: 38 – the one with the pre-Black Friday panic

For those of you looking for a Black Friday podcast with actual deals and steals for this year, this is the podcast for you. created a round-up of the best gadgets and smartphones to snatch up for Black Friday 2017. If you’re looking for new earbuds to listen to your fave podcasts, they talk about Bose Sleep Buds right around the 4:50 mark.

(I recommend some Bose headphones in my Holiday Gift Guide for Podcast Fans.)

Think Enriched Podcast with Amy Robles Holiday BudgetThink Enriched Podcast

Episode: Holiday Budget Crunch Time

For those of you who want to participate in the Black Friday craziness but don’t want to blow your holiday budget, check out this quick 11-minute podcast episode.

I love how the host gives you very specific steps on how to create your holiday budget, how to prioritize who to give gifts to, and how to stick to your holiday budget.

(I should mention: this episode was recorded in 2015, and assumes you’ve got 6 weeks to shop for Christmas. Depending on when you’re reading this post, you might have less time, but the advice in the episode is still 100% relevant.)

Remember to leave your own recommendation in the comments below! I hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Part 2 of this post is now live! Read Part 2 Now

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