My Fave Things

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Recommending My Favorite Products, Apps, and Services

You don’t start writing a podcast recommendation blog just because you like podcasts. You start it because you’re the type of person who always loves to tell your friends and family about the cool stuff you love!

Which is what this page is all about. All the products and services mentioned below are things that I have personally tried and recommend, or someone I trust (a family member or friend) swears by.

Have questions about any of these products or services? Email me at podcastmaniac @

My Favorite Things

Pocket Casts Podcast Player AppPocket Casts Podcast Player

Picking a podcast player is honestly one of the biggest frustrations or concerns for avid podcast fans. I used the native iPhone app when I first started listening to podcasts. Then I used Spotify, but they weren’t keeping up with their show feeds and it was super frustrating.

I eventually landed on Pocket Casts, which costs $3.99 (a one-time fee) for both Apple and Android. If you’re a desktop listener, you can get a web-based version for just $9.

Why did I pay for a podcast player? Because when you pay for a product, the app developer has the funding to keep the app updated and to make enhancements (which they do!)

Get Pocket Casts for Apple devices
Get Pocket Casts for Android devices

Podcast T-Shirts & Gifts

If you love to rock your favorite band, brand, or PODCAST on a t-shirt (or you need a gift for a podcast fan), I’ve got a couple places you should check out.


They have tons of t-shirts, phone cases, laptop bags, coffee mugs, and stickers, all with podcast logos and sayings on them. Fans of My Favorite Murder will find a lot of stuff to like.

I love this phone case, which conveys my love for all things podcasts.


Human is a website with really cool products that have fun graphics and quotes. They don’t have a ton of podcast-related options, but I do love this t-shirt:

Sorry I Have Podcasts To Listen To T-Shirt


Products for Learning Spanish

Becoming fluent in Spanish is a huge goal for me and my husband, which is why we listen to tons of Spanish podcasts. We also use a couple of other things to keep our Spanish flowing: courses from and the Wlingua Spanish Learning App.

Unlimited Spanish CoursesCourses from

These courses (there are multiple to choose from) are made by the guy who makes our favorite Spanish podcast. Some of these courses come with 8 HOURS of audio!

I can’t stress how important it is to listen to real Spanish speakers – in-person or via recordings – when learning a new language.

Click here to read more about these fantastic courses, which I can personally vouch for.


Wlingua Spanish Learning AppWlingua Spanish Learning App

Wlingua has helped us to build our Spanish vocabulary and reinforce lessons we’ve learned in formal Spanish classes. It tracks your progress, and even saves your spot if you get interrupted mid-lesson.

Other reasons we love this app:

  • It has a decent placement test so that you can figure out what level to start at
  • There are 3 levels, and over 600 lessons, including audio, readings, and more
  • You can choose to learn Spanish from Spain or from Latin America (there’s a difference, people!)
  • It’s way more comprehensive than any other Spanish app we’ve tried

The app is only free for a certain number of days, but I’ve paid for the Premium version and renewed when the paid period ran out (that’s how much I love this app!)

Click to get the Wlingua app for iPhone
Click to get the Wlingua app for Android

Even though I’m from Maine, I don’t love lobster. But I DO love scallops and crab cakes and chowdah (that’s “chowder” for you non-New Englanders).

And you can get all of that fresh seafood (including the lobster) shipped right to your door by They deliver to almost anywhere in the United States! employs a couple of my family members, and they come with my highest recommendation. (Try the crab cakes!)