PodcastManiac.com is a blog about podcasts for podcast lovers. You can find podcast recommendations and reviews, lists of podcast or episodes about your favorite topics, and info about new podcast releases or the next season of your favorite show.

I started Podcast Maniac because I can’t shut up about podcasts. At least once a day I begin a sentence with, “I was listening to this podcast…” And I’m originally from Maine, which makes me a Maineiac, even without the podcast addiction.

Most of the posts on this site are written by me, and they range from podcasts about my own personal interests (which are broad and diverse) to podcasts about topics that are totally new to me. I also have an awesome husband who occasionally gets roped into my podcast-listening frenzies and provides his input.

Every week I listen to episodes from podcasts I’ve never ever listened to before, plus newly released episodes from my current subscriptions – so there’s always something to discuss!

If you have a podcast that you want me to check out (because you love it or because you’ve produced it), or if you just have some feedback about the blog, give me a shout at podcastmaniac(at)gmail.com.

Podcast ManiacNicole
(Click here to read more about said podcast addiction)

P.S. All thoughts, opinions, criticisms, and recommendations (including links to podcasts, blogs, or other content) are my own. Any sponsored content or links will always be noted within the blog post in which you find it.


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