5 Motivating Podcasts for Runners

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PodcastManiac.com_PodcastsForRunnersBeing a runner means being part of a community like no other. Whether you are a competitive runner or a casual I-run-for-me (or to-get-away-from-my-kids) runner, there are other runners all over the world who support and respect you. Go to any country in the world and you’ll find runners out and about.

I’ve always wanted to be a runner. Every few months I manage to get into a motivated jog-to-run phase in which I build up endurance, stamina, and a breathing pattern…all to go to hell one day when I get shin splints or injure my back doing some other activity.

When I’m in those pro-running phases I really enjoy listening to podcasts that motivate me to keep going. The giant running community has plenty of podcasts to help you learn to run, train to run 5Ks or marathons, and to simply remind you what you’re running for and not to give up.

Here are 5 podcasts that provide running motivation:

1. Run, Selfie, Repeat

The Run, Selfie, Repeat podcast is a spinoff from the blog of the same name. The tagline for this podcast is “where we talk about running with a side of life”.

Every episode is like a short burst of motivational therapy. Host Kelly Roberts, who started running to deal with grief over the loss of her brother, puts all of her goals, dreams, doubts, insecurities, and corny jokes on the table in the hopes that you will relate and gain something from it.

Serious runners will appreciate the chatter about QTs and pushing yourself to run longer on days when you don’t even want to get out of bed. Beginner and intermediate runners will be motivated by the goal-setting and honesty about Kelly’s struggles. Even non-runners will also enjoy this podcast, since it really does deal with life problems.

Kelly has been releasing new episodes several times per week, and they’re pretty short – about 20 minutes each. I like the schedule and the episode length, since dwelling too long on some of the heavier topics (low self-esteem, self-doubt) would be de-motivating if talked about for too long.

The Run, Selfie, Repeat podcast is suitable for adult listeners and mature teens (there is some cursing and some topics are related to death and grieving.)

2. Motion Traxx: Upbeat Workout Music for Running and General Exercise

This highly rated podcast published its final podcast in 2015, but there are 125 old episodes that are super motivating and worth a listen.

Motion Traxx episodes aren’t just for runners; there are also episodes for walking, cycling, HIIT, and weight lifting workouts. Episodes vary in length from 15 minutes to an hour or more, and are geared towards things like increasing from jogging to running, running a 5k, and marathon training.

Some episodes are simply a compilation of high-tempo music, while others provide coaching through your workout. Most of the music is electronic/techno, which would normally be a huge turn-off for me, but the music is motivating to me when I’m on runs outside.

I love the coaching episodes, which walk you through a warm-up and intervals, or just keep encouraging you. The episode titled Tread Ahead (Coached Treadmill Interval Mix) was like being in a class at Orangetheory Fitness.

A cool feature of this podcast is that every episode title lists a target BPM (heart beats per minute). This number helps you to identify if the episode is in line with your current fitness level or how hard you feel like working out that day.

The Motion Traxx podcasts are suitable for listeners of all ages.

3. Mojo for Running

This podcast is technically for runners of all levels, but I really think it’s best-suited to intermediate/advanced runners (beginners can listen to the spinoff Beginner Runner Village Podcasts.

Mojo for Running is heavily focused on training, running form, nutrition, drills, etc. The host, Debbie Voiles, is a certified running coach who is in her 60s. She’s straight-forward, and you can just tell that she has years of experience in both running and coaching. A quick glance through the episode titles is proof that she has a wide breadth of knowledge to share.

I had to get over the fact that the host is obviously reading from a script, but that was easy to do. The content, tips, and anecdotes that she provides are worth a listen and can really help to keep you motivated to reach your running goals.

Mojo for Running is suitable for listeners of all ages.

4. RunBuzz Running Podcast

The intros at the beginning of each episode of the RunBuzz Running Podcast are super cheesy, but don’t let that deter you. The podcast is hosted by certified running coach Steve Carmichael, and the episodes are suitable for runners of all levels and experience.

The episode titles are super motivating all on their own: How to Recover from a Bad Race or Run; How to Battle Fear and Self Conscious When You Run; and Tips for Maintaining Your Running Motivation Mojo. There are also episodes specifically focused on running in the heat or the cold, building mental toughness, and a four-episode series on heart rate training.

I prefer the episodes that have interviews with experts or in which Steve presents tips himself. There are episodes with runners and BuzRun community members, which are interesting and inspirational, but don’t necessarily provide expert advice.

The RunBuzz Running Podcast is suitable for listeners of all ages.

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5. 4 Feet Running

This podcast ended in 2011, but all 70+ episodes still available on iTunes. The podcast is hosted by couple Nik (a woman) and Dan (a man) and they literally record themselves while out on runs around Massachusetts and wherever else they end up.

Between all the huffing and puffing (and background traffic sounds) they chat about training for marathons and other races, and the random things that happened recently in their lives. This podcast is so fun to listen to on an outdoor run, because it feels like you’re running right beside this funny duo, which I find really motivating.

The editing of this podcast is different and entertaining, with little snippets of music and comedy interspersed. Every episode starts with a clip of the song Put One Foot In Front of The Other from Santa Claus is Coming to Town, which always makes me smile.

(Note: As a New Englander, I get a lot of the jokes and cultural innuendo that Nik and Dan make…perhaps it will be less funny to a non-New Englander, but you should still give it a listen!)

4 Feet Running is suitable for adult listeners. It’s clean and there aren’t any episodes marked as Explicit, but there are occasional jokes that you might not want kids to hear.

Bonus Podcast Recommendation

Need a quick jolt of motivation? Check out this episode of the Motivational High 5 podcast, in which host Phil Larson speaks about how to find internal motivation for achieving your goals.

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What podcasts do you get your running motivation from? Leave a comment and share it with me and other readers.

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