3 Podcast Episodes to Get Killer Abs

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Fitness trends come and go, but tight, flat abs is one trend that never dies. If you’re still struggling to accomplish your ab-related fitness goals, try a podcast! There are tons of free audio and video podcast workouts for abs.

The three podcast episodes below provide motivation, tips, and tricks to getting killer abs and a flat stomach.

3 must-listen podcasts for killer abs:

1. Free Ab Workout by Sound Coach

This 12-minute podcast episode walks you through specific ab exercises pretty quickly, with fast-paced background music to keep you motivated. Motivational tips are interspersed during the recovery times.

This episode isn’t for complete beginners, but it’s definitely worth downloading and trying over and over again to increase your endurance! I’ve downloaded this episode and listen to it multiple times per week.

This episode is suitable for listeners of all ages.

2. Ab Workout Sore In 6 Minutes by ATHLEAN-X

This is a video podcast episode, so you can actually see the exercises being demonstrated. It includes four ab exercises, structured into a circuit that is repeated twice in the six minutes.

The host of this video podcast is easy to understand and explains what you’re doing in each exercise and why you’re doing it. The exercises are challenging, and will definitely leave you feeling sore the next day!

This episode is suitable for adult viewers, as there is a little bit of swearing.

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3. 10 Min Fat Burning Abs Workout – Got Core?

This video podcast episode is part of a series of ab workouts by host Sean Vigue. In this episode, he uses (optional) free weights and actually completes multiple sets of each exercise, so you can do them right along with him. I like that it feels like he’s suffering along with me!

Vigue is a yoga, pilates and fitness instructor and has over 30 video podcasts all targeted towards core and abs. Each episode features different exercises and intensity, and is a different length.

This podcast episode is suitable for listeners of all ages.

Bonus Podcast Recommendation:

The entire Ask the Ab Guy podcast series. This is not a workout podcast; there is no music or coach walking you through specific exercises. The Ab Guy, aka Luis Diaz, is a personal trainer who provides tips, nutritional information, expert interviews, and more to help you “look good with your shirt off.”

I suggest that you skip right to episode 60, in which Diaz tells his personal story about struggling with his metabolism. Once you have an idea of what Diaz has been through himself, you’ll have a better appreciation for the tips and info he presents in the earlier episodes.

Ask the Ab Guy is is not suitable for young listeners, as every episode is marked Explicit.

What workout podcasts do you listen to or watch? Leave a comment below to share your podcast recommendations with me and the Podcast Maniac community.

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