7 New Podcasts To Listen To ASAP

Check out these new podcasts that have launched recently!

I’ve been feeling really guilty lately, and I have something to admit: I haven’t listened to that many new podcasts over the last couple of months. But now that I’ve had a chance to settle into January, I’ve made time to listen to some new shows, and I’m really excited to share them. ...Continue Reading7 New Podcasts To Listen To ASAP

The Best Podcasts of 2017

The Best Podcasts Of 2017

For my Best Podcasts of 2017 list, I’ve chosen 2-3 podcasts from each of the main categories on the blog. I’ve also only picked podcasts that launched in 2017. These are the shows that have made a big impact in just 11.5 short months! ...Continue ReadingThe Best Podcasts of 2017

5 LOL NSFW Podcasts You’ve Got to Listen To

Funny Podcast Recommendations_Podcast Maniac Blog

A good sense of humor is said to be key to a successful marriage and a trait that employers look for in workers. It’s also something that a LOT of podcast fans look for in shows (probably after binging on true crime). ...Continue Reading5 LOL NSFW Podcasts You’ve Got to Listen To